HELLO! I want to help you and I want have some fun with them; some people call them trolls. Fun as in making their lives as uncomfortable as they have made yours. I will need "certain information" regarding such folks, that I am certain anyone with average intelligence or better would be able to discern my nebulous meaning from this sentence. They have brought this upon themselves; luckily I have been unscathed by their generic and puerile screeds. However, I have learned that some people have actually threatened other Disqus users with death, the rape of their wives or children, or other harm to their families. I would be very interested in learning about that, and about the individuals who made such threats.  According to several people I have conversed with via email, Disqus absolutely refuses to do anything with regard to such depredations, in fact, they seem to sanction them. Threatening people with death, rape or other harm is a felony in all fifty states; those who wri

Baldwin hit with $25 million lawsuit

  Family of Marine Killed in Afghanistan Hits Alec Baldwin with  $25 Million Lawsuit Looks like Alec Baldwin tangled with the wrong Marine family. The Hollywood star has already been a living argument against the old idea that “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” since October’s fatal  shooting of a cinematographer  on the set of a movie Baldwin was both starring in and producing. Now, he’s in a different kind of legal spotlight, as the family of a Marine who was killed in the August suicide bombing at Kabul, Afghanistan’s airport, have filed a lawsuit claiming Baldwin’s treatment of them on social media has led to “severe emotional distress” and even caused them to fear for their lives. According to the  Casper (Wyoming) Star-Tribune , the story begins after the Aug. 26 suicide bombing that killed 13 U.S. service members and about 170 Afghan civilians. One of the Marines killed that day was Lance Cpl.  Rylee McCollum  of Jackson, Wyoming, the father of a baby girl born a month aft

NWO meet in Antarctica

  THIS WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING… EVERYTHING’: NEW WORLD ORDER STRANGELY MEETS IN ANTARCTICA (ARE THEY PREPPING PROJECT BLUE BOOK?), RESIDENTS FORCED TO REMOVE APPENDIX IN THE ICY CONTINENT; CCP VIRUS ‘VACCINES’ REPORTEDLY TO BE HALTED GLOBALLY, BIDEN PLANNING CHRISTIAN GENOCIDE? 19 Shares   12 Strangely, there have reportedly been secret meetings happening in Antarctica with global elites. Since the reports of these visits, a Chinese Communst Party (CCP) Virus  outbreak has happened on the frozen continent, where everyone has to be fully vaccinated.  At a Belgian scientific research station, they have had eleven workers test positive for the CCP Virus, some of whom had just arrived from South Africa.  Antarctica is cut off from everyday people and only allows researchers and in some cases their families to live there.  Project Manager for the International Polar Foundation, Joseph Greek said the whole situation “isn’t dramatic.” He stated that work at the station had gone relatively undi

Alec Baldwin in hot water

  Alec Baldwin is in hot water after one bombshell revelation about his shooting incident January 14, 2022 Alec Baldwin is losing the battle for his reputation in the court of public opinion. His attempts to shift blame for a fatal shooting on a film set are not working. Now Baldwin is in more hot water after one bombshell revelation about his shooting incident. People still want to know precisely what happened when Alec Baldwin shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins during filming of the western  Rust . Baldwin said he never pulled the trigger, but firearms experts rebut that outlandish assertion. Now Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the armorer on the film, is laying out her side of the story in a lawsuit against PDQ Arm and Prop LLC, the company that supplied the weapons and ammunition for the suit. Gutierrez-Reed said in her lawsuit that Baldwin shrugged off her requests for the lead actor to undergo firearm training, and also said that Assistant Director David Halls did not follow protocol by

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 Let's hear your favorite science fiction shows and movies! Tell us which ones you like most and more importantly WHY you like them. Some science fiction is great for action, others good for the scientific process of understanding and solving problems, others just have amazing graphics and visuals, and some are just all about feeling a bond over time with the characters themselves. In rare cases, we have shows and movies that do all of this, which is pretty cool. Personally, my main interest these days is enjoying high quality audio, so I'm finding myself watching high quality versions of shows I actually don't care about, but because if it sounds good, I'm THERE! EXTRA COOL POINTS FOR IMAGES AND VIDEO CLIPS!

Good-bye Brandon?

  “Let’s Go Brandon” driver targeted in one unforgivable move that will leave you red with rage The woke mob is trying to take over every aspect of American life. You’ll be infuriated by their latest despicable move to run cover for Joe Biden. And “Let’s Go Brandon” driver Brandon Brown just targeted in one unforgivable move that will leave you red with rage. One of the biggest cultural phenomenons in years occurred at Talladega after driver Brandon Brown secured his first victory. Thousands of fans chanted “F- Joe Biden” but the NBC reporter interviewer claimed that the fans were chanting “Let’s Go Brandon”. And “Let’s Go Brandon” spread like wildfire across the country afterwards. But, unfortunately for race fans, NASCAR just ran cover for Joe Biden with a despicable cancel culture move that proves even NASCAR is falling to the woke mob. NASCAR canceled Driver Brandon Brown’s new sponsor. Brown was put in a rough spot as cancel culture made corporate sponsors nervous to sponsor his c